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Your Driver: Marko

I am Marko, a professional taxi operator in Dubrovnik. Known for my extensive knowledge of the area and commitment to providing safe and reliable transportation services, I strive to offer visitors a trustworthy and informative experience in the city.


Taxi Dubrovnik guarantees quick, safe and reliable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Covering the entire area of ​​Dubrovnik and beyond, our experienced drivers will always be at your service to answer all your queries and requests, and will help you with your luggage.

Cava Taxi

Charm and Hospitality

Cava Taxi Tours is committed to showcasing Dubrovnik’s local charm and providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere to all visitors.

With our tours, you’ll experience the genuine hospitality and friendliness of Dubrovnik’s people, creating lasting memories of your trip.

Local Expertise

We offer a deep understanding of Dubrovnik, enhancing the visitor’s experience with insider knowledge.

Personalized Service

Visitors can expect tailored, friendly service from Cava Tours to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Safety and Reliability

Cava Tours provides safe, well-maintained vehicles and responsible driving for a worry-free journey.

Flexible Scheduling

Cava Tours’ services are available at various times, ensuring convenient transportation to suit any itinerary.

Cava Tours

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