Sunset panorama and wine tour

The “Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama and Wine Tour” is a 90-minute journey that offers a unique perspective on the city of Dubrovnik. It provides an opportunity to explore the city’s history and natural beauty with breathtaking views.

During the tour, there are three key stops. First, the Dubrovnik Bridge offers a panoramic view of the city and the Adriatic waters. It is also known as a popular spot for bungee jumping. The tour then proceeds to the Ombla River Canyon, a vital water source for the city, and showcases a historical 15th-century water pipeline still in operation. The tour’s highlight is the Srđ Mountain, which provides spectacular views of the city and the Adriatic Sea. There, participants witness the breathtaking sunset over the Elafiti islands and Bosnian mountains while enjoying local wine.

In addition to the scenic beauty, the tour offers a glass of the finest local wine, making the experience even more special. The “Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama and Wine Tour” is suitable for all ages, from children to seniors, with small group sizes to ensure a personalized experience. It’s a unique way to explore the beauty and history of Dubrovnik, leaving participants with unforgettable memories.

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